Pitching to bloggers what PR pros and bloggers should know

What bloggers and PR pros need to know.

There are many resources for understanding how to pitch to bloggers, some of the advice may seem like common sense to you, or it may seem foreign. The general guidelines are as follows: read the blogger’s posts, understand the blogger’s target audience, and know that whatever you are pitching should be something the blogger’s readers are interested in. Here are some excellent sources to reference for more detailed tips, the Social Media Explorer, Problogger, and pretty much everywhere littering the internet you can find tips on good (or bad) pitching to bloggers.

There are many notions of how PR should be, but what many fail to realize is the dependency of a PR pro on their client. A lot of time (unfortunately, but realistically) the amount of time PR pros can dedicate to researching and pitching to specific bloggers is dependent on a budget. While it may be ideal to research the blogger in-depth and discover what you can provide the blogger as incentive for their readers, sometimes the amount of hours in PR services clients are willing to be billed for is the bottom line. This isn’t to say that PR pros are not selective when adding blogger to press lists. Some PR pros are selective and do the amount of research they are able to conduct within time constraints; however, not every pitch can be specifically tailored to each blogger. Pro pros select the bloggers they identify as influential, and from there sometimes PR pros must treat bloggers as professional journalists, not always as citizen bloggers.

I feel that with an understanding of both parties, perhaps bloggers and PR pros can both grow to find a mutual understanding with the others’ profession. This understanding could increase the relationship between the two professions and perhaps help bloggers understand why sometimes they are pitched to more as if they were a journalist.

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