An exciting week for Apple

I didn’t say exciting had to be good did I? Apple has responded to the questions posed by the politicians. At the request of the supreme court Apple will appear and testify in regards to this whole issue. The rumors about people being able to locate you based on the location-based software is false. In fact sometimes the anonymous location being sent back to Apple in an encrypted form can be hundreds of miles off.
Apple posted a Q&A on its website if you are interested in the specifics. If you google the issue there are some interesting articles that will tell you more about location-based software. If you are concerned with this software I recommend that you do so, to get a full understanding. Here is a decent start.

Apple taking the head on fire for this location-based software has really helped out Google. Androids are now rumored to be displaying “warning” stickers on the new phones to make sure users are aware that location-based software can track their location. A little ridiculous if you ask me, but to each their own.

Onto other news with Apple.

The white iPhone 4 was finally released on Thursday. But now that the iPhone 5 is rumored to be released in September this product release will more than likely not do too much for Apple. I predict that the white iPhone 4 will be purchased by people who do not really care if they have the most up-dated iPhone model. People who were waiting for the white iPhone 4 ended up caving and getting the 4 many months ago. Unfortunately Apple is nine months late to its own party. Hopefully the company will be able to pull together a white iPhone 5 in a more timely fashion, come September. Personally, I had always said that I wouldn’t upgrade to the 5 and just wait for the 6, because I am satisfied with my iPhone 4 (and I anticipated a larger shift in the phone from the 5 to the 6). However, the rumored changes are appearing to be substantial enough for me to be interested in upgrading to the 5, but only time will tell. This article highlights some of the rumored changes for the iPhone 5 that started getting me excited for my September 9th eligibility date (that’s right I’ve already checked when I am able to upgrade ;)).

In other non-Apple wireless news… Verizon (the company that boasts about superior coverage) experienced a network outage with its long-term evolution (LTE) network. Users were reduced to 3G equivalent (EV-DO) and slower (CDMA 1x-RTT) network speeds. The network failure occurred Tuesday evening and the cause was identified by Thursday. Verizon said that LTE networks were scheduled to go up “market-by-market.” Can you hear me now?

Well that’s all for now folks!