It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

In my class we’ve read a bit about generational diversity and the qualms and challenges this can potentially bring about in a work place. One of the traits older generations value that, as a mass according to the articles we read, younger generations are lacking is loyalty. However, how far does one go to stay loyal? Throw in the current state of the economy, which hinders the ability to find work and for companies to stay open, staying loyal is easier said than done. Here is an interesting article on generational diversity in today’s workplace.

If you are lucky enough to cross the bridge of having to choose between a place where you have been working (or interning at) at or another place, both will have different benefits. Or if you have started a position, but do not see yourself there long-term the question stands: do you stay loyal?

Well there are many conditions to be considered to help way the pros and cons of being loyal. If your current employer already has expressed interest you may feel like you are cheating on your work, but you’ve got to be able to eat. So I recommend weighing a few pros and cons. Unfortunately with this economy, the heaviest factor is the stability of the position. A second factor, depending upon your current interests and positions is not only the opportunity for vertical growth but also horizontal growth; however, if you are not interested in keeping your career path open this may not be a factor. A third factor (or second factor depending), is the more obvious salary, location, resources available to you at that location, combo. I hate to say it, but after all how much does being loyal payoff when your position may be cut within the next year. If this were a better economy with copious amounts of jobs available, I’d say loyalty would be a better option. Unfortunately employed or unemployed I say job searching in your free-time is beneficial and may keep you from being stuck in a job you do not want. However, when the time comes to choose, you still have to decide: do you stay loyal?

There is another interesting branch of this loyalty issue. What if you move on to another employer, great, you’ve made a decision. But how many of your old boss’ secret tricks do you continue using/share with others in order to perform better at your job (obviously this does not include anything you are contractually bound to keep secret)?

What would keep you loyal? Or do you even care?