Let’s go Viral!

A huge misunderstanding people have is that a video going viral is an intentional obtainable goal. Yes people make videos to be noticed/promote a cause/whatever, but there is no formula for what the masses will watch over and over and over again. Sometimes a celebrity or brand name helps – sometimes it doesn’t (see Jennifer Anniston’s “viral” video for smartwater). The point you should gather from the smartwater video is that you can do everything you think is popular, you can select an awesome topic, but it doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed success. In the smartwater video they essentially mock the demand for videos to become viral.

What you can do, fine-tune a video to pop culture. You can take steps in a direction to make a video catchy, you can promote it properly, but at the end of the day you are putting the destiny of the video in the hands of the people. At the end of the day if “viral” is your goal you should take a few steps. (Not that I think any “viral” effort will 100 percent of the time be successful.)

-Select popular catchy elements, don’t be dated.
Don’t do what’s been done before and done before and done before – it’s old news, no one cares.
-Brand yourself properly. AKA when I finish the video I want to know either who was behind it, or why it was created. If people watch it, but it doesn’t drive traffic to your website… you wasted your time.
-Do the best job you can. This means properly adjust the video with your marketing consultant.
-Utilize and recognize proper methods and channels to release your video on. This means consulting a PR pro and maybe a marketer and developing a plan.

There you go, I gave you some tips… are you happy yet? But if I hear one more person say “how do you make a viral video,” well I don’t know what I’m going to do. Probably nothing. But the point is you can make a video, you cannot make it go viral – but you can make it well.

Here is a terrible viral video that no one could have predicted would be this popular. Now you understand, don’t you.

That’s all for now folks.



3 responses to “Let’s go Viral!

  1. In class last term we were talking about viral videos and my professor mentioned the “omg its a double rainbow” video on youtube. I am sure you have seen it, if not check it out it is pretty hilarious.

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