Greetings, from a public relations student.

My name is Jessi McKain and I am going to be graduating from the University of Oregon shortly with a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Biology. You can read more about me here. This is not my first blog, as some of you may know – or may have read. For outdoor/workout adventures you can read my musings in JessiAdventuresALot.

This blog will serve in a professional capacity, in contrast to my adventure blog. Professional topics pertaining primarily to public relations, technology, biology and other professional topics as I see fit. While you can check out more of my experience on my Visual CV or on LinkedIn,currently I am a public relations intern at Mobility PR(MoPR). MoPR is a public relations agency in the technology, more specifically mobile, sector. Throughout the duration of my internship you may find a lot of my posts to be technology related, or somehow related to my internship.

Enough formalities, let’s get down to business! My next post will be up soon. I enjoy a good conversation, thoughts, input and more so feel free to comment to my postings.

I leave you with a photograph of me at my last public relations internship with the Oregon International Air Show.



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